Tilbud om gratis oplæg af Professor Jay Keasling og Senior Researcher Irina Borodina.

Vi vil gerne gøre opmærksom på at NNF inviterer til "Bioscience Lecture":

In 2 weeks, on 5 September, Novo Nordisk Foundation host a Copenhagen Bioscience Lecture here in the auditorium with Professor Jay Keasling and senior researcher Irina Borodina. Jay Keasling has a talk on “Essence of hops and cannabis: engineering yeast to produce some of the better things in life” and Irina Borodina on “Yeast cell factories for sustainable food production”. You are very welcome to come, as well as to share this invitation in your networks. Registration is free of charge but mandatory and the deadline is 2 September 2019. For more information and registration, click here and you will be guided directly to the event on the website

I kan også læse mere her: "Bioscience Lecture".